Mellonath Legolas


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Simply Elvish

The Blood of Elves

Of fairer blood our kin were made
Afore the blood of Men;
Yet 't was our blood long doomed to fade,
And ne'er return again.

Though naught tis truth as some would say,
Look ever from The End;
The blood of Elves awoke today
Within the blood of Men.
By Morgan Ravenswood

Sam's Star

I saw a star shine fair and bright,
Fading in the evening light
I saw again that star at dawn
Heralding a brighter morn.
by Morgan Ravenswood


Glr Uin D

Cran 'ael sla dn.
I dh laer cn na 'uren,
Tolo a gliro ah nin!

In elenath gelair peliannin
Thar i delu e-menel
Miriath hilivren!

Laston i hirlinn.
Na 'lr uin d erthannen im,
A guren na idh.
by Ithildin

Song of the Night

A pale crescent moon shines in the West.
The summer night calls to my heart,
 "Come and sing with me!"

The brilliant stars are scattered
Across the dome of heaven -
White glittering jewels!

I listen to the river-song.
With the song of the night, I am one,
And my heart is at peace