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Cottage of Lost Play

Welcome to Cottage of Lost Play, where songs are sung, tales are told, and scrolls of lore are kept. Glir-i-Thawarwaith, Songs of the Woodpeople, is devoted to creative writing; Scrolls of Lore contain links to research articles.
And... a new project has just been started. The Tale of Years or simply Timeline aims at combining recorded facts of Legolas' life with creative art devoted to and inspired by him.

Elven Prince, do not depart!
You are the Essence of my heart
O fair of face and bright of eyes
Of thee I dream beneath the skies
so full of stars in shining bliss
They laugh and tremble as you kiss
me on the brow, and turn away
You ride due West at break of day
My darkened soul takes comfort light
It hopes and wishes for the night
when moon is full and trees awake
They whisper as the hidden take
to sleeping realms of mortal Men
And slender hands clasp mine again.
By Luthien Undomiel



Scrolls of Lore

by Michael Martinez
by Michael Martinez
detailed description of contents of HoME I-XII and UT
by Ninni M.Pettersson
Ithildin's summary derived from "Laws and Customs of the Eldar"
Ithildin's thoroughly worked-through and ambitions attempt to provide a description of Legolas' life

Slide show: Sundering of the Elves  
This is not exactly about Legolas, but at any rate, about Elves of his clan - coming soon!
LoTR film reviews:
Elanor Gamgee's review of FoTR. Detailed, personal and nasssty, my precioussss
Elanor's review of TTT. Slightly shorter than the previous, but just as nasssty
Kirinki's review of TTT. Considerate and balanced.

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