Mellonath Legolas


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Of Elves and Faeries

Welcome to our picture gallery
and encounter creative art of the Club members as well as other artists. Links to Tolkien-inspired and fantasy art compiled and submitted by the Club members are at the bottom of the page.


Legolas in the fields by Luthien Undomiel


LoTR movie wallpaper by Ithildin


Thranduil by Ithildin


Legolas/Orlando Bloom by Ithildin


Morning in Mirkwood by Ithildin

The Hidden Path

leads to Bran Mawr, Fantasy Art Gallery and sister-site to Mellonath Legolas. Here you will find a collection of our favourite fantasy art and fan art from Middle earth and the Realm of Faerie.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and leave with a little magic in your soul.

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All artwork posted on this site is created by the members of the Club. Links to the albums compiled by the Members display the images for non-profit  use and personal enjoyment only.  If you happen to come across your work on this site and wish to be credited or want to have it removed, please e-mail the Club postmaster.