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Hither Shore


Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In this far land beyond the Sea!
Fanuilos, le linnathon
Nef aear, si nef aearon!

Welcome to Legolas Research and Fan Club, home of Mellonath Legolas, or Fellowship of Greenleaf. Members of the Club are happy to introduce their guests to numerous activities described below:

Club Parlour
Is about the Club in general - its principles, its mission statement, its charters, and its motto. And, of course, the man who started it all...

Club Members (Meeting Us Face to Face)
We play as we preach - here we are. And how we live...

Club Library (Cottage of Lost Play)
Creative writing by Club Members 
Research articles (by Club Members and not only)

Timeline (Tale of Years)
A new project by Mellonath aiming to combine the known facts about Legolas and creative art devoted to or inspired by him.

Fanfiction (Glir-in-Dawarwaith)
extention of the previous page; creative writing

Club Archives (Scrolls of Lore)
Chronological and Thematic Catalogues of the Club discussion at forums. Links to backup summary of chosen discussion topics kept on site (in progress)

Gallery (Of Elves and Faeries)
Fan art by Club Members and links to albums created by various artists and compiled by Club Members

Lore of Galion (As We Say in Mirkwood)
Humour and Parody page. Creative writing and fan art looking at Middle-earth from somewhat unexpected angle.

Contact Us (Mellonath Legolas)
We are happy to talk to our guest. Welcome to the page if you want to contact us. Rain the Magnificent, fairest of Dragons is at your service as the Club postmaster. And so are the rest of us

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