Mellonath Legolas


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Meeting Us Face to Face

Elanor Gamgee, Hobbit Maid FoL


Ithildin, EM FoL


Kirinki, Little Red Bird, CMEF


Club Membership 

Member of the Club can be any rational (self)incarnate being of any race of Mortal World, Middle-earth and Blessed Realm. Members of the Club accept its Mission Statement and follow its Charters. Members of the Club are named Elf-friends, unless they are Elves. In this case they are named Elf-members.

Honorary Members as above. An Honorary Member explicitly admits Legolas as her (his) significant Elf #1, as well as actively participates in research and promotional activities. Honorary Members are named Elf-friends and Blessed, unless they are Elves. In this case they are named Blessed Elf-members.

Number of Members and Honorary Members is unlimited.

Founders  in reverse alphabetical order: Rain, Morgan, Ithildin, Elanor. Founders are named Friends of Legolas.

Rain the Magnificent, fairest of Dragons, FoL


Morgan, Elven Warrior, EM FoL


Luthien Undomiel, Inactive Member EM


 Club Members Code of Conduct

1.      Member of the Club finds her/his definition of Tolkiens characters enhanced by considering the opinions of others even if (s)he eventually decides to disagree with them. (S)he submits an opinion in the form of an argument with "supportive evidence"... However, a Member of the Club is not trying to prove anyone else wrong; all are entitled to their own individual interpretation of the story and its characters. 

2.      Club Members found guilty of thudding and/or drooling are subject to mandatory posting at Orlando Bloom forum during a week. Number of posts may not be less than 1 per day. Topics and threads posted are not specified. 

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