Mellonath Legolas


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Beneath the Stars that Shine

The tree-woven lands of Middle-earth
My heart desires to know
A place that now
Only those
Who walk in dreams may go

Yet on the wings of dreams I fly
Cross sundering seas of Time,
And find you there
Upon the shore
Beneath the stars that shine.

With beckoning smile you bid me come
And we mount swift steeds of white,
We ride like
Silvered thunder
Through the misty, sapphire night.

We walk the deep-green forest paths;
Through moonlit meadows run,
And I long to see
The wood by day
And the river in the sun

But too soon the dawn with strokes of gray
Has tinged the Eastern sky,
And we must say
Our fond farewells
And to the coastlands fly.

For you must away to your far land
And I must away to mine
But ever we
Will share this dream
Beneath the stars that shine.

Beneath the glittering stars that shine
Two hearts dreams are intertwined
In love for a land where they cannot go;
One who knew,
One who longs to know
The Tree-woven lands of Middle-earth
Where we meet
And walk in dreams

By Ithildin 6/2002