Mellonath Legolas


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Sonnets to Legolas

With long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes;
a lorien bow and a quiver o arrows,
Elven knives, rapid hands, and 2 sharp eyes,
a Lorien cloak and swift light feet,
you'll rarely glimpse thes mirkwood elf;
He's Thranduil's son, and Gandalfs friend,
Aragorn's partner, and Gimli's Comrade;
He's a Hobbit Protector and Boromir's Companion;
He's the Elf everybody Loves
He's Loyal and kind, dependable and brave;
curious yet content, youthful yet aged,
he's a leader or a follower whatever need be;
He's our Beloved Legolas Greenleaf
by Mallondwen


tiron ned i dh slol
ar elenath slar galad aer
glr tuia ne ind nn
dan gwol ammen nallon "

I look out into the shining night,
While stars reveal their sacred light,
A song swells up inside my heart,
I cry regret that we must part.

Who are you now that stares so still?
Oh, fear that one touch will reveal
The shining eyes, the gentle brow
Be but a dreaming, scattered now.

That one touch be the death of dreams,
A lonely grave with moonlight beams,
So softly, softly lest unkind
The shadow lost inside my mind.

I cannot fill with seven towers
The empty space of waking hours.
All I have are thoughts of you,
The star alone keeps memory true.

I will be dreaming of you then,
Although we will not meet again.
by Comma