Mellonath Legolas


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Rought Songs of Raft Elves

Still the prettiest! Go us!
Silvan Elves' non-canonical call to arms

When Bard meets Professor
If only Shakespeare had correct idea of Elves... He could have written his sonnets quite differently...

Who says I do not love thee with mine eyes?
Who can in thee a single error note?
Such words are lie and ought to be despised;
Thy fair form my heart is pleased to dote.  

My ears are by thy tongues tune delighted,
The tender feeling to base touches prone,
The taste, the smell desire to be invited
To glorious sensual feast with thee alone.  

And my five wits, and my five senses could
Persuade one poor heart to serving thee.
My lot in life has just been understood -
Thy gentle hearts slave and vassal meant to be. 

And yet my plague thus far I count my gain
For love that makes me live awards me pain.
by Elanor Gamgee

Song of the Car
To my work! To my work! The car breaks are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white mists are flying.
North, north away, the grey road is rolling.
Green car, green car, do you hear them calling,
The voices of my colleagues that came to work before me?
I will leave, I will leave these walls that bore me!
At work merry are students, and knowledge is thriving.
I will spend many hours lonely driving.
Long are the miles silently rolling,
(Alternative: Four are the wheels speedily rolling)
Sweet are the voices at my business school calling
At my business school, where the truth is discovered,
Where we work in joy; entrepreneurship forever!

by Elanor Gamgee


Middle-eath Limerick

There was a young Elf of the Mirkwood
who wanted go West if he could
With an axe-wielding Dwarf
And an Ithilien warf
The project turned out very good
by Kirinki


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