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Archives Backup: The Silmarillion


First Reading of The Silmarillion



Originally posted by Rain

I have read LOTR four times, but I have started reading Sil only last week...I know I should be ashamed


Morgan: Rain,

What a treat to be discovering The Silmarillion for the first time. That book above all others, affected me the most. The characters became like "family" to me and I suffered over their suffering. I will be very interested in hearing your personal opinion of this work, when you have finished reading.


Luthien: I was also greatly touched by the Silmarillion. Many fans of the Lord of the Rings try to read it and can't finish because they say it's like swimming through mud. I could never understand that.
It's a beautiful piece of legend that seems as real to me as the stuff I read in history books.

I read it before LOTR (hence my affinity with the Elves), and enjoyed it more (if possible) than I did LOTR.