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Originally posted by Kirinki54

Fence away, Rain!

But did Legolas really? For lack of arrows, he did use a 'long knife' at Helmīs Deep. No recall him wielding a sword somewhere...
Any references handy?

Rain: You're right, you're right I always took the 'long knife' as being a sword - I can't imagine anyone fighting with a 'long knife'. My problem really, but unless I imagine it to be a sword, I don't conjure up the right images of the battle at Helm's Deep, for example. Can you understand what I'm trying to say, because I doubt if I myself can.


Morgan: Rain, There is an elegant style of fighting with long knives used by the Samurai. The blade is a partner to the katana. My memory of correct terminology is a little foggy, but I think the matching knife was called a wakizashi.  Someone may care to correct me. Anyway, this is how I would imagine fighting with a long white knife. Definitely no Jim Bowie!


Rain: Ok, Ok, I bow down to your great wisdom.  But I always thought samurai swords were swords not knives . This is the type of fighting I associate with Legolas, but with a sword, not with a knife.


Morgan: The katana is a sword, the wakizashi is a knife. But I have sometimes also heard it referred to as a short sword. It is about 20" long from hilt to tip. Personally, I think you could put just about any weapon in Legolas' hand and he would not disgrace it!