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Archives: Elvish ears


Elanor: In all honesty, Orlando Bloom's ears in the movie are the thing I feel least inclined to complain about. In fact, Orlando has the most cute ears of all movie elves, IMHO. But there's so much that makes me upset...


Luthien: I never thought I'd see the day!! Elanor complimenting Legolas' ears in the movie?! You're quite right though, his ears were the cutest of all the Elves. Elrond's for instance were much too obvious


Elanor: And Galadriel's. Unfortunately (for them ) not all people have small and cute ears; Weaving and Blanchette apparently don't. And of course, no one, knowing this, would attract the attention to their ears as deliberately as it was done in the movie.


Morgan: Oh my Elanor!
Like Luthien, I never thought I would see the day when you would string the words cute and Orlando Bloom in the same sentence!