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Text Submission Guidelines

I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only places in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama. J. R. R. Tolkien, Letters


The text below is approved by all members of Mellonath Legolas as guidelines for our own work as well as for fiction we welcome on our site:

Please keep in line with "Tolkien spirit".  It does not mean you are expected to copy Tolkien's style; on the contrary, your author individuality is a precious contribution. Still, be familiar with the main principles Tolkien employed while creating his world. In other words, make your texts well researched.

Please refrain from excessive amorous details. Explicit descriptions may do just fine in certain context, yet we do not believe they can contribute to understanding/development of Tolkien characters, and therefore we consider them redundant. Please note that slash (same-sex pairing fiction) is never accepted.

Please refrain from profanity. Let Orcs in LoTR be role models for your foul-mouthed characters.

Legolas Greenleaf, as created by Tolkien, is the main point of our research as well as creative efforts. We would appreciate your texts to have some connection with the character.

If your text is devoted to Orlando Bloom's impersonation of Legolas, please make sure that you keep in line with "Tolkien spirit" nonetheless. LoTR movie is never taken as a gospel, and in case of contradictions between the movie and Tolkien's text preference is always given to the text.

Technical part (how to submit). Please, contact Rain, the Club postmaster and send your text file as an attachment. Your text shall be forwarded to all the Club members; if for some reason we cannot approve it unanimously, we shall vote. As usual, majority wins.

Just a few words in conclusion: Tolkien has written precious little of Legolas. We love the character too much and we cannot bear it; that is why we are filling the gaps. As Tolkien and Lewis used to say, "They write too little of what we want to read. We have to write it ourselves."

Club Admission Rules

If you decide to join the Fellowship of Greenleaf, please, consider the following just to avoid any disappointment in the future:

New members are accepted only after a probation period. During that time you are welcome to actively participate in the Club discussions and familiarise yourself with the topics we have already discussed. Please, feel free to submit new topics for discussion, as well as revise old ones, if you feel you have new arguments. 

The Club is no mutual admiration society. We greatly appreciate each others company and respect each others views, yet the main principle of our discussions is friendly disagreement. In other words, as stated in the Code of Conduct, Member of the Club finds her/his definition of Tolkiens characters enhanced by considering the opinions of others even if (s)he eventually decides to disagree with them. (S)he submits an opinion in the form of an argument with supportive evidence"...However, a Member of the Club is not trying to prove anyone else wrong we are all entitled to our own individual interpretation of this story and its characters

Please, refrain from thudding. Even if Legolas is your favourite character (which is true for all of us), and your find his portrayal by Orlando Bloom absolutely irresistible, you are welcome to express your feelings through comprehensive dialogue rather than mere expletives of adoration. 

The Club activities are distributed evenly between this site, home of the Fellowship, and Tolkien and the Inklins discussion forum at Members of the Club are expected to actively participate in discussions as well as work for the site for example, making archive backups of our discussions, submitting texts (creative writing or research) or fan art (own or by other artists). Please note that you should obtain the authors permission to publish texts and images created by others on the Club site. Our site is supposed to develop, and there will be a lot of things to do. Your ideas and projects are very welcome; please, be prepared to undertake them as well.

And the most important: enjoy yourself!