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Luthien: Yes! I totally agree with your interpretations of his age being less than 1000 yrs and perhaps more than 500. I always thought of him as a youngish Elf. I wonder if he ever found his melethril ?


Kirinki: Yes! Me agree also... But... please enlighten me on the melethril part. What is that?

Luthien: IIRC melethril is the Sindarin word for beloved (fem). I was just wondering if Legolas ever found that special Elf.


Morgan: Luthien,
Well if he hasn't, he's been single for well over 7000yrs now and is probably cursing Elven chastity!

Luthien:...being chaste for well over 7000 yrs. How'd you come up with that figure Morgan?

This is one reason I love Legolas so much. He is a combination of Elvish wisdom and comparitive innocence. There are so many things his eyes have seen, and yet so much more that he hasn't yet experienced. The world is his playground and the discovery of new things brings him a lot of joy. He's sometimes like (an extremely old) little boy!
But that's just one aspect of his mysterious, many-faceted character that we do so love to analyse.


Elanor: I'm taking the liberty to answer on Morgan's behalf, since now it's her turn to be busy at work Tolkien said elsewhere that the laps of time between the War of the Ring and our time is approx. 6000 yrs. So, if we deem Legolas approx. 1000 yrs. old by the end of the Third Age... The rest is math.