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Elanor: Tolkien often compared Aman to paradise for the Elves; it was a place where they could enjoy life in full and exercise all their artistic and "scientific" talents. For Legolas specifically it would mean, first, support and sympathy from his friends when he would need it most, and second, a lot of positive distraction, which would help him to cope with his grief.


Luthien: This in turn makes me wonder what Legolas would have done after Gimli's death. He may have gotten quite bored, if one can get bored in Paradise.


Elanor: Luthien,
It's a bit difficult for me to say, because I haven't been to Paradise, yet. However, I promise to report should I become admitted
As for Legolas in Aman, I think you have already answered this question in your next post; I quote:



Originally posted by Luthien Undomiel
...There are so many things his eyes have seen, and yet so much more that he hasn't yet experienced. The world is his playground and the discovery of new things brings him a lot of joy. He's sometimes like (an extremely old) little boy!..

As Tolkien puts it (in Myths Transformed, HoME X), Elves in Aman "enjoyed an immense series of delights and achievements which even the most gifted of Men could not accomplish in twelve times twelve mortal years." Besides, "...Aman is colled also the Blessed Realm, and this was found its blessedness: in health and joy. For in Aman no creatures suffered any sickness or disorder of their natures; nor was there any decay or ageing more swift than the slow ageing of Arda itself." In other words, Elves being first and foremost devoted to pursuit of arts and lore, could in Aman develop all their numerous talents.
BTW, this discussion inspired me to a question:
What exactly would Legolas get engaged with in Aman? My first tentative idea is that he would certainly learn Quenya.